Wednesday, May 5, 2021

How to setup DNS forwarding for specific domains (i.e. home.lab)

I recently purchased a USG-3P (Unified Secure Gateway) Ubiquiti Unify Home router.

With its DHCP, everything points to this device as the DNS server for the house.  I like this because I don't want to depend on my home lab being up for DNS (Internet) to be working for basic name resolution.  However, I want my xyz.home.lab domains to resolve.  I did a bunch of googling and found I needed to modify the config.gateway.json file, but I couldn't find it on the appliance.  I then found this article, so I just needed to SSH into my USG and run a command such as ---  

set service dns forwarding options server=/lab.dns/

This seemed great, but the command gave me “invalid command”, which it turns out you need to go into configure mode first on the USG,  just type ‘configure’ and hit enter and then run the command above.  After that you type commit, then save. 

This almost makes my home work, but my primary mac machine is always VPN’d into work, and all DNS requests are sent there, so my home.lab still doesn’t work from this machine.

On my mac I needed to mkdir /etc/resolver, then in the /etc/resolver directory, then create a file named home.lab

Adding the following lines ----



After I saved that, I can now resolve my home.lab dns from everywhere, and I get the bonus of being able to still work just fine if the lab (DNS) is down.

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