Thursday, May 24, 2012

VCDX #91

I learned yesterday am that my defense was successful. What a long journey, and I passed everything the first time, I can only imagine what others have gone through. I am thrilled to join such an elite community of VMware professionals.

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

VCDX thoughts

I am right in the middle of my wait for VCDX results, so I thought I'd share some thoughts before I know if I pass or not
1) The questions were fair, that doesn't mean I knew the answers, just that I probably should/could have.
2) It's alot more fair than any electronic test.
3) Stay calm, don't let them run you down to crazy town, actually that's not true, they got me off balance, I ran down to crazy town all by myself.
4) Be confident, show your thought process, but admit what you don't know, you can't BS these guys.
5) If I don't pass I look forward to doing a better job next time.
6) The wait is just awful, 10 business days will give you ulcers if you let it.

EMC world 2012 day 1 thoughts

Attended some great sessions on vSphere performance, power path optimizations, vcops vnx plugin -integration , view IOPS performance, vf-cache (taking Storage cache into the server)
Good stuff, excited to be at day 2!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Lab Manager ESX 4.1 Host can’t join back into Lab Manager, reporting error “Host is entering maintenance mode”

Recently upon pushing patches to our ESX 4.1 and ESXi 4.1 hosts, I was unable to re-enable 2 of our 23 blades.  We had one of each flavor, ESX and ESXi.  After much frustration I found our KB 1026364, which says:


To resolve this issue, restart the Lab Manager VSLA backend service.

To restart the VSLA backend service on Lab Manager:

  1. Log in to the Lab Manager server.
  2. Go to Start > Run and type service.msc.
  3. Right click the VMware vCenter Lab Manager Monitor service.
  4. Click Restart.

When you restart the Lab Manager VSLA service , the DVS becomes unavailable. When the service starts again, Lab Manager gets the latest status from the vCenter Server.

After the Lab Manager VSLA service starts again, you can start repairing the ESX hosts or try re-enable host-spanning within Lab Manager.


After restarting this service, I was able to repair our Hosts without issue.