Thursday, January 26, 2012

VMware Host Profiles giving errors about Path Selection Policy for naa and mpx devices

I am trying to use host profiles in a full NFS vCenter, no block level storage other than the local SSD disks for the ESXi 5 servers to boot from and some various emulated CDROM’s attached to some of the hosts. Because I don’t really care about the uniformity of my local storage I just want to ignore these errors and get a Green “Compliant” result for my cluster so I can fix the important issues. I tried going into Edit Profile and removing a lot of data from under Storage Configuration/PSA & NMP & iSCSI, but this led to more errors, such as below:

Failures Against Host Profile

Host state doesn’t match specification: device mpx.vmhba32:xx:xx:xx Path Selection Policy needs to be set to default for claiming SATP

Host state doesn’t match specification: device mpx.vmhba32:xx:xx:xx needs to be reset


To resolve the issue, you need to right click on the Actual storage profile under “Host Profiles” on the left hand side of the screen and choose “Enable/Disable Profile Configuration…”


Then unselect items from here such as PSA device configuration and whatever else causing you unnecessary grief.


After hitting OK, rescan your hosts and you should finally get your Green Light!

Credits go to the knowledge base and to Kevin Space.


KevinsSpace said...

Glad it worked out for you and thanks for the mention on twitter!

Unknown said...

There is an issue with deselecting the entire PSA device configuration profile, if this is used to mark physically mapped RDM's (for MSCS) as perennially reserved then you cannot remove this section. I will update if I find a solution for this.

For more details on why you would use the perennially reserved setting, please see the following KB: 1016106