Thursday, April 29, 2021

Team Rules

 I dug this up from many years ago, just as good today as it was then!

Team Rules - by Brian Smith

  1. It's all about the customers! We must provide a reliable and cost effective solution!
  2. If there are customers on it, then it is in production and will be treated as production until the customers are off and it is NOT in production.
  3. You can't say that's not my job, you may direct someone to the appropriate person or group if you can’t help them.
  4. All Negative customer experiences must be escalated, no matter who you believe is responsible
  5. If a project deadline is in jeopardy, you must escalate immediately.
  6. There is no excuse use official methods (i.e. Open an Incident in the official ticketing tool)
  7. When you are on call, you must be available to work on an issue.
  8. Document before you execute and open a change for all changes (use official tools)
  9. Do your best to not directly delete anything, take offline for 3-7 days when possible