Wednesday, April 21, 2010

After the McAfee fix, your svchost.exe may be in Quarantene

To fix this, copy a working svchost.exe from a good XP 32 bit SP3 machine and reboot and your good to go.

I have a copy if you want it.

Continued DAT fun with McAfee 5958


I’ve had a few remote people ask how to fix this on their own.

Login to your computer and abort the reboot by doing:

start/run , in that box type in “cmd” (no quotes)

This should bring up a black command box window

In that window type “shutdown /a” this means abort the shutdown.

Once that is done,   Go to this website.

Download the sdat5957.exe to a known location, such as c:\ (root of your c drive)

in the black command window you opened earlier type in “c:\sdat5957.exe /F “  this will run the patch with a “Force downgrade” to the old version of McAfee Dat.

The bad version is 5958, so once 5959 is released, that will probably be a better option that installing 5957, but again it isn’t released yet.

If you can’t go to that website on your PC due to network issues, use a second computer to download the update to a USB key or burn to a blank CD and then use that on your effected PC to repair it.

Good Luck,

Thank you McAfee for releasing Dat 5958 and destroying my windows network

I hope they publish the SuperDat for 5959 soon.

Monday, April 12, 2010

windows username limit

It’s really nice that windows has a 20 character username limit, but when you create one longer it doesn’t warn you, it just happily accepts the username that will never work.  Yes there is a registry hack to allow windows to allow longer names, but cmon..put some intelligence into ADUC..

Wednesday, April 7, 2010