Monday, September 27, 2010

Celerra Setup problems

if your ever stuck trying to use /nascmd/sbin/clariion_mgmt and the command just won’t go through, try this option   -skip_rules

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Change Celerra IP address

So I read a lot of Scott Lowe’s blog, and again he has the answer, but I needed just a bit more detail to make this work.  Since i’m using his blog as a starting point i’ll reference it here.  I also used this here from EMC

My Summary:

first, change the IP of the Celerra Manger, also known as the “control station”

Then change the IP of the SP’s with this command

/nasmcd/sbin/clariion_mgmt -start -spa_ip 128.221.ххх.ххх -spb_ip 128.221.ххх.ххх -use_proxy_arp

So a few things i’ll add

1) when using the clariion_mgmt tool, make sure to ssh as nasadmin, then su to root, if you ssh directly as root, the command might fail for you as it did for me with a “NAS_DB environment variable is not defined” message.

2) default passwords for nasadmin and root are “nasadmin”

3) when you setup a PPP connection to the Celerra or Clariion, do it this way:

Use the special EMC serial cable and the maintenance port on the back of the SP. Create a PPP dial up connection on your Windows laptop 115200 baud, HW flow control. Point a web browser to .

Username: clariion
Password: clariion!