Friday, April 20, 2012

Removing an ESX(i) host from a DvS (distributed virtual Switch)

For some reason the UI makes it difficult to find this option.  It’s not hard to find when you remember where to look.  Go into Home/Inventory/Networking, choose your DvS you want to remove the host from, then choose the “Hosts” tab, then click the host you want to remove and choose “Remove from vSphere Distributed Switch…”



CloudSmart said...

Thanks!! Was looking everywhere!

John G said...

...because adding a "Remove" button to the Configuration page would be so difficult. Whatever developer forgot to cut&paste the code for the remove button from the regular virtual switches tab should be fired! Oh wait, the UI is written in J#...hopefully the person who chose that is fired lol.

Sorry for the snarky comment, this was a good post. Thanks!