Thursday, November 3, 2011

VLANs on HP BL490G7 blades using Flex-10 not working with vSphere 5 / ESXi 5

Building a new vCloud 1.5 just after vSphere 5 RTM’d, we saw an issue that our guest OS’s were not working.  We mapped in HP Virtual Connect Manager to multiple VLANs so that we could use vcdni with vCloud.  We could ping the guest VM’s on these VLANs, but we could not do anything else to them.
The issue appears to stem from an Emulex driver & firmware version.
The Solution is that HP has updated their advisory with firmware fixes to get this working
Support Flex-10 or Flex Fabric Adapters on VMware ESXi 5.0 in a Virtual Connect Environment

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Hongjun Ma said...

HP just posted working FW/Driver for Emulex CNA to work with Vshpere5

Some of my customers have applied the FW/Driver and it worked with their ESXi5