Thursday, November 17, 2011

HP blade chassis I/O Configuration – I/O Communication - I/O Mismatch Error

I encountered an issue when setting up a new hp c3000 blade chassis.  I could not power on the blades due to an I/O communication issue.  All bays in the back of the chassis were also reporting communication issues.  Thinking that perhaps the mezzanine cards were not mapping properly to the bays, I had my team swap the Cisco 3020 Ethernet switches in the top with the Brocade FC switches on he bottom.  After that, only the first bay was reporting a communication issue.  If I removed the redundant bay, then I could power up and begin installing ESXi.  We called hp for support, they told us that you can't have redundant FC switches, which is ridiculous.  Have have hundreds of identical chassis with the same redundant FC switches.  The original reason I had my team swap the bay cards is because unlike all the other BL460g7c blades they have sent us, these had the qlogic FC card in mezz port 1 and the 10Gb Ethernet mezz card in port 2.  I know that the bays and mezz ports are physically mapped to one another, so to me this change made sense.  After once again giving up on HP support, we put the Cisco 3020 Ethernet bay switches back into bay 1&2 and the brocade FC switches back in bay 3&4.  Then the key to fixing was to swap the mezz cards in the BL460g7 servers, putting the Ethernet in mezz 1 and FC in mezz 2.  After that, all I/O errors disappeared and the servers powered up as expected.

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