Thursday, September 10, 2009

Vizioncore's best practices for ESX host setup

ESX Host Configuration
vReplicator 2.5 uses the ESX Service Console to control replication and also uses VMware snapshot
technology. By default, the ESX Service Console is significantly resource constrained, which can impact
the performance of replication and snapshots3.
For best performance of replication and VMware snapshot operations, increase the memory allocation
of the Service Console to 800MB and CPU Reservation to 1500 MHz. You can configure these settings
through the VMware Infrastructure Client on the Configuration tab of each ESX host. The settings are
under “Memory” and “System Resource Allocation”.
The ESX Service Console should have a dedicated4 1Gbps network interface assigned to ensure adequate
bandwidth for replication. Sharing a network card between the service console and virtual machine
network can impact on replication performance.

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