Friday, July 20, 2012

My Troubleshooting a HP Flex 10 FCoE connection to a Cisco Fiber Channel MDS Switch

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Cisco, VMware, HP

The Problem:

Upon building a new HP chassis full of blades, hoping to connect my new blades to storage, I was build zoning rules connecting them to our EMC VNX, Inside of Cisco Fabric Manager I did not see the HP blades listed so that I could build zoning rules.  The other suspicious item was that inside of HP Virtual Connect Manager, inside of the “SAN Fabrics” tab, I was giving a warning for a status. 

The Setup:

I had setup this up in a fully meshed fiber with NPIV enabled everywhere.  1 HP Chassis, two Flex 10 modules, two Cisco MDS switches, and one EMC VNX.  My flex 10 modules were each connected directly to both of the Cisco MDS Switches.   Each of the Cisco MDS’s were connected directly to each of the SP’s on the EMC VNX (fully meshed). 

The Solution:

I worked on this for some time, then after changing the connections on the Flex 10’s to both go directly to the SAME Cisco MDS switch (removing the mesh from the Compute side), the HP Virtual Connect finally showed happy, and the Cisco MDS began to see all the HP Blades and I was able to connect storage.  So what did I do wrong originally?  I am sure there is a great reason, but what part of Fiber Channel for Dummies did I miss?


Unknown said...

The FC path should never be crossed, (it's not ethernet) thats why works fine!
Anyway i'm susprised that the HP Flex is not enaugh smart to manage the host cross connection...

moonar said...

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