Thursday, March 8, 2012

Quick and Dirty Junos for dummies I learned today while configuring my SRX240

1) If you don’t have the commands on your device you expect, update your junos.

2) If you login as root over the serial port, type “cli” to get out of linux mode and into junos.

3) To reboot type “request system reboot”

4) Transparent mode on Junos is painful.  You need to configure a management IP on a irb interface and a “bridge-domains” to make it all work.

5) When in configure mode, type “run ping” to execute commands

6) Type show | display set if you want your commands piped into a command line friendly format.

7) When in configure mode, type “sho” to show the config, or “sho interfaces” to display only that sections information.

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