Friday, February 10, 2012

Isilon NFS load balancing & vCD 1.5 (cloud director)

Recently setting up an Isilon with the new scale vCloud we spent alot of time discussing what options we had to load balance across the Isilon nodes. The recommended best practice is to statically setup a matrix of multiple datastores to the separate nodes individually. However, two unique items about this setup prevent this from being overly useful. Our Isilon is presented as one large storage pool that isn't subdivided. The way vCD works, it fills the first pool, then moves onto the second one. Knowing these two things vCD would fill the first datastore, but then never move onto the second one. I decided to just use Smart Connect Basic features that come with the Isilon. The ESX servers will then use DNS to dynamically connect to the separate Isilon nodes.

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