Thursday, August 4, 2011

Installing Windows XP in the cloud (VMware vCloud Director)

The first thing you’ll notice in the XP install is that it doesn’t see the default vCloud provided hard drive.  Normally in vSphere, you can mount the Floppy drive with the image on ESX.  In vCloud, assuming you don’t have vSphere console access, you’ll need to copy the file from one of your ESX hosts to your local hard drive, the upload it to the cloud.   You’ll need to use a program such as WinSCP and grab the file from the ESX(i) host /vmimages/floppies/vmscsi.flp.  Once inside of vCloud Directory, go into your Catalogs/Media tab and upload the floppy image.  Assuming you’ve already uploaded your XP ISO into vCloud, mount them both and install away.

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Rafael Santos said...

Dear Brian,
I would know, how use a instance of installation Windows (XP/Vista/7/8) in ESX Service ? This idea works ? Case ok, answer me, please! :) Regards! Rafael Martins