Tuesday, December 9, 2008

ESX 3.5 Default & Suggested Partition Sizes

Partition - Default - Brian Suggested

/boot - 100mb - 200mb EXT3
Reason : Possible future boot size needs

/ (root) - 5gb - 20-25gb EXT3
Reason: 3rd Party apps goes here..

Swap - 544mb - 1600mb
Reason: Should be 2x console Ram (272 is default, 800 is max, go high)

/var/log - 2gb - 10-15gb EXT3
Reason: move mount to /var instead of /var/log, log files go here, logging is good

VMKCORE go with default
Reason: this is the crash dump area

VMFS3 whatever you have, use iSCSI or fcSAN if possible.

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