Monday, September 22, 2008

Notes to make the openfiler 2.2 instructions below work (the "simple stuff" he left out)

First off, I am using openfiler 2.3, not 2.2

Lets start with some notes:

1) if you use two nics, I like to use Balance lb
2) Jumbo frames, for some reason, make my NFS a little slower..not sure why yet.
3) iostat -x is a great way to find out your I/O performance.
4) make sure to open NFS Client on your ESX firewall
5) Setup your "host access" at the bottom of the Network Access Configuration page BEFORE you setup the cluster, do it early when you setup the network, otherwise it doesn't work later (permissions)
6) if you skipped 5, just chmod the /cluster_metadata/opt/openfiler/etc directory and files in it so the openfiler GUI still works for all pages AFTER the cluster setup.
7) The guy who wrote this help file is a genius, however, he keeps using the volume group name vg0drbd and vg0_drbd interchangeable, but you need to use one or the other, his way it don't work.

Added Instructions
1) before you being, you must setup your two new drives/partitions that will run the "cluster_metadata" and "vg0_drbd" volumes.
to do this, use fdisk /dev/sda(or_whatever) you will have this
1 = Boot (whatever size it says i do)
2 = OS (2GB min)
3 = Swap (twice ram min)
4 = you must setup, 300Meg+ required.
5 = Data, as much space as you can get.

Since fdisk only allows 4 partitions, the 4th partition needs to be an "extended" then create the two partitions inside the "extend"

2) You need to create your meta data for your volumes. Do this after the stuff, before you start the drbd service
(on both nodes)
drbdadm create-md vg0_drbd
drbdadm create-md cluster_metadata

3) after you setup your cluster.xml, make sure you fix the following links.
rm /cluster_metadata/opt/openfiler/sbin/openfiler
rm /cluster_metadata/opt/openfiler/etc/httpd/modules
ln -s /usr/sbin/httpd /cluster_metadata/opt/openfiler/sbin/openfiler
ln -s /etc/httpd/modules/ /cluster_metadata/opt/openfiler/etc/httpd/modules

4) before you can start the heartbeat, you must/need to create your Volume inside your volume group, I also setup my share at this time.

A troubleshooting note, sometimes the 'openfiler' GUI (webpage) is dead after a node reboot, make sure one of your nodes mounts the data, i.e. somebody is the primary node, then the GUI should work again.

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