Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Storage IOPS Planning


The limit on the VNX is the Storage Processors.  Utilizing the aggressive numbers is likely to see significant impact to the workloads.

Array Conservative Typical Aggressive
VNX7500 60,000 80,0000 100,000
S200 Isilon 8,000 (per node) 10,000 12,000


Parag Nagwekar said...

Brian, Nice to see some committed numbers about EMC storage from someone. I believe you might have seen them by yourself in working environment. My experience says that ISILON number are too aggressive in conservative side itself. Last time when I saw, it could push only up to 3000 - 4000 IOPs for s200 nodes. In the worst case (virtual environment), they have dropped to just 800. It's NFS storage, best fit for WORM and large sequential workload. You may expect 6000 IOPs per node in those situation but not in small random env.

Brian Smith said...

These aren't official EMC committed numbers, just my observations. We are pushing some Isilon nodes hard right now, i'll update my recommendation after I see how it goes. I am also gathering some vMax & XtremIO numbers, I'm anxious to see where they land.

Unknown said...

Just found your blog somehow?? Mind you that's normal.Its how I get my best info most of the time :-) Would be interested in the IOPs figures you are getting at the moment. We are looking at Isilon for a large video and photograph archive we have. Great blog BTW keep it up.