Friday, July 27, 2012

Can’t take ownership of a file on Windows 2008 Server

Trying to delete a folder (with files in it) on my server today, for whatever reason I could not enter, delete, or take ownership of this folder.  I tried the UI, as well as the takeown command, both returned an access denied trying to take ownership.  Because I am a full administrator, my suspicion is that there is an open file.  Because this is a file server with hundreds of open files and folders, I could not easily identify the connection to close.  I rebooted the server, and without issuing any more commands my access to the files/folders had returned.  GO MICROSOFT!..


Unknown said...

I see you work for VMware. This error wasnt due to working with Horizon App Manager by any chance? I ran into the same problem while creating ThinApps and checking the box for use in Horizon App Manager.

Brian Smith said...

We do use Horizon App Manager extensively, but this was just a good old windows file share not using it.