Thursday, August 4, 2011

Setting up Sysprep for vCloud

Before Cloud Director can perform guest customization on virtual machines with pre-vista Windows guest operating systems, you must create a Microsoft Sysprep deployment package on each Cloud cell in your installation.

1 Copy the Sysprep binary files for each operating system to a convenient location on a Cloud Director server host, such as /root/sysprep
Each operating system requires its own folder, MAKE SURE you use lower case for each folder, i.e. win2000 not Win2000.

Windows 2000 SysprepBinariesDirectory /win2000
Windows 2003 (32-bit) SysprepBinariesDirectory /win2k3
Windows 2003 (64-bit) SysprepBinariesDirectory /win2k3_64
Windows XP (32-bit) SysprepBinariesDirectory /winxp
Windows XP (64-bit) SysprepBinariesDirectory /winxp_64
SysprepBinariesDirectory represents a location you choose to which to copy the binaries.

Guest OS Copy Destination
1) stop the vcd services,  service vmware-vcd stop

2 Run the /opt/vmware/vcloud director/deploymentPackageCreator/
SysprepBinariesDirectory command.
For example, /opt/vmware/vcloud-director/deploymentPackageCreator/
3 Use the service vmware-vcd restart command to restart the Cloud cell.

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