Saturday, May 14, 2011

Lab Manager HA Settings

For some reason Colorado Springs has frequent late night power outages, or at least our building does.  Our most common downtime event with Lab Manager (besides maintenance) is complete power outages, yes we have UPS’s, but they don’t last forever and the lab doesn’t get generators.  I’ve been playing with the HA settings for a long time, this is what I’m going to try going forward.  Assuming your vCenter and LBM box are hosted in the same cluster as your guests, powering on the whole environment can take hours and be a huge pain.  Here is my proposed solution.

In the “Virtual Machine Options” page of the HA configuration

vCenter Server = VM Restart Priority High

LBM Server = VM Restart Priority Medium

Cluster Default settings = VM restart Priority Low

Hopefully this will allow my vCenter a chance to get up and running before all the guests boot and cripple my ESX hosts for 2+ hours.

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