Thursday, March 25, 2010

XP 64 sysprep issues in Lab Manager 4

After Creating Templates for XP 64 SP1(base) and SP2 in our lab manager install, some percentage of the time after you deploy these templates you can not long into these VM’s, you type in your password, and you are re-prompted for the password.  If you type the wrong password it tells you, but the right password just causes a re-prompt.  After much troubleshooting I found we were not following the best practice of having machines ready to be sysprepped with the Administrator password blank.  After making that change everything works again.  To get the standard password back into the VM, we modified the “c:\Program Files\VMware\VMware vCenter Lab Manager\Tools\CustomizeGuest\Windows\Sysprep\WinXP_64\sysprep.inf” (that your never supposed to modify according to VMware, but i’m a rebel) from: AdminPassword="*” (* means bank) to:AdminPassword="password”

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